My name is Barry Alan Walker, Jr.  I am currently an adjunct instructor at Washington State University in Vancouver, WA where I teach geology classes.

For research, I am primarily interested in the magma-generating processes that occur beneath volcanoes.  To explore this rather broad topic, I have investigated rocks from all levels of magmatic systems ranging from erupted rocks to those that formed very deep but have since been exhumed to the surface via tectonic uplift.  My most recent project involves the Sierra de Valle Fértil, in Argentina.  There, tectonic forces have exposed a relatively complete crustal section ranging from paleo-depths of ~15 – 30 km, exposing unerupted magmatic rocks of Ordivician age.  Along these lines, I have studied the Spirit Mountain batholith in southern Nevada, which is a tilted granite complex which was emplaced ~18 to 15 million years ago at much shallower levels (~5 – 10 km). I am also interested in the erupted portion of such systems.  The Aucanquilcha Volcanic Cluster, in northern Chile, is a long-lived volcanic province, active for the last ten million years.  I have studied this system in order to further understand the evolution of such magmatic centers through time.

I am also interested in the teaching of geology and of science in general.  I have taught university courses such as Field Geology, Physical Geology, and Living With Volcanoes, and lab courses including Petrology, Petrography, Sedimentology.  Additionally, I participated in the NSF GK-12 program where I taught hands-on science to middle school students and middle school teachers in Nashville, TN.

Besides geology, I am interested in music, hiking up hills, gardening, large trees, rivers, fiction, animals, art, learning spanish, farms, the ocean, etc.  I live in Portland, OR.


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